My online training Program:

Every single one of the programs you can do at Home, all you need is a computer or smartphone, yoga mat (optional) and some common household objects (book, table, chair...)

Here is the Full Course, includes all four programs:

Conditioning Level 1 pack

Or here is each indivdual program:

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A litte More about Sara & the Program...

Sara Shults is an ingenious Aerialist who's career and passion has taken her around the world. Her experience includes 'Ulalena' a Hawaii Show in partnership with Cirque Du Soleil, Got Talent Portugal, member of Minneapolis Flared Base Collective, Minneapolis fire Collective, Fringe Festival Maui, Maui Aerial Arts company, MXM dance Company, various festivals including: Imaginarius, Rua de Chappelle, Noite Branca no Braga, Maui Source Festival, Knotfest, Campfire, Burning Man as well as numerous private parties, events, hotels, cabarets and nightclubs. She is also the Act Creation Director at Salto International Circus, Aerial Coach for schools & studios including Kauai Aerial Arts, Space, Maui Aerial Arts, MXM & Salto. She choreographed & produced her own solo aerial show •:Pieces of Me:•produced Touch, a virtual aerial cabaret.

I began teaching at the age of 19 in Minneapolis with CorePower Yoga. I was drawn to the combination of physical intensity and mindfulness. I pull from over 15 years of experience with dance, yoga, flexibility and circus when creating my programs. My very first online program was launched during covid since I, like everyone else, was stuck at home but still wanted to move and stay in shape.

This particular course is different from my first, while it includes some of the guided or follow along instruction style I learned from yoga it also encourages the practitioner to personalize the program to their specific needs and goals. From my years in the circus I was empowered to clearly set goals and specialize my training to meet those goals; which in the beginning I'll be honest takes a lot more discipline then doing exactly what the instructor says but also gave me more confidence in my body and movements.

I have combined both of these styles in this program: you will be able to both follow along easily and be motivated to do it with the videos, but you will also have access to photos and shorter videos that break down each movement and variations to challenge yourself at your specific level. My hope is that you will gain a better understanding of the movement and develop your own discipline to push yourself with the program

Who is it for? I specifically designed this course for individuals who already have an interest in yoga, pole dance, aerial…. Perhaps take a class or two a week but would like to see more progress. The conditioning exercises will not only help you with strength, coordination and flexibility but will help you to crosstrain at home between classes. However, even if you don't already have a workout schedule or goal this is a great place to start. Just a reminder with all physical exercises to check with a doctor first.

Common Questions:

How long is each workout?

Once you know and understand the movement each individual program is 10-12 minutes (the whole thing can be done in 40-50 min) However in the beginning it may take longer to understand each exercise. Also you can add or subtract repetitions if you are on a tighter schedule or want a harder workout.

What Equipment do I need?

I demonstrate with a yoga mat (for comfort) , a chair and a block. However it is completely accessible without a block, you can substitute blocks or a foot stool… This was designed to be home friendly so no wild tools are needed.

I am not a Dancer or Aerialist can I still do this?

Absolutely! There are modifications and variations for each exercise so you can continue to progress as you use the program.

If you have any more questions feel free to email and ask!